How to make money from a blog 2022

How to Make Money From a Blog – 2022

One of the most popular questions about earning money online.

How to make money from a blog or website?

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular questions when we talk about blogs or personal pages, and it is not only asked by those who seek to obtain an additional income to what they earn in their conventional jobs or who wish to completely change their work activity, also, people, who want a platform to appear before an audience or share something they are passionate about, and of course, earn income online doing something they like, which makes this a more attractive way to start a business.

From another perspective, the question could also be:

Can you make money with a blog or website?

And the SHORT answer to these questions would be:

Regardless of the reason that drives you to start your blog, I confirm that yes…Yes, you can make money with a blog.

I clarify that if the only thing you are looking for is to know if you can or not, this is the end of the article for you, end of the topic, do not continue reading…

But if you also want to know the How? And you’re going to give it everything. Then do not stop reading what I share below.

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What to do to have a successful blog?

First, you have to consider that the simple fact of writing, using tools on your blog such as plugins, landing pages, affiliate programs, ads, and who knows how many other things, is not going to ensure you a considerable income, much less constant.

On the other hand, I tell you that to have a successful blog, you don’t need to be a scholar on internet issues, a master in digital marketing, an inveterate writer, or be a famous “GURU” ¿About what? About anything you want because there is everything.

In reality, what is needed is to be clear about how to use your blog, and yes, write, but with sense and with some strategies that allow your content to be attractive to search engines and your audience.

If you apply focus and a plan to guide you, you will only be one step away from starting to have results. Everything else is, get down to business.

Are you ready!!!

Here I share a simple guide that will help you take action with a better focus. I have tried to do it most practically possible, taking into account my experience and considering that you are someone who is starting with this very interesting project. Your project, wow!!!

Blogging Beginners Guide to Generate Income

Practically I have organized the guide in two parts: Give value and Monetization.

This is important because it will help you focus on what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and the order in which you are going to do it.

  • Give value to your blog.

In clear terms, you cannot sell anything that does not have value for another person, if you want to generate income, you must first offer something in return that is valued by the audience you are going to address.

In this part, I will share a very simple strategy that requires action so that you can generate value for your blog and make it appreciated by your readers. It is something like the blood of your blog, without it, there are no visits and without visits, there is no income.

  • How to monetize a blog.

This second part focuses on techniques to use for your blog to generate income. I have used all of them and from experience, I can confirm that they do work.

Although there are many ideas to earn money with a blog, it is worth clarifying that the results depend on the degree of commitment you have for your blog to generate income, it depends on the niche you want to serve and the perseverance you have to give as much value as possible to your blog.

Clarified focus, let’s move on.


This strategy is simple, however, the real challenge is to carry it out.

Review the 7 steps I suggest you take:

  1. Define your niche.
  2. Get to know your customers.
  3. Create content.
  4. Define goals.
  5. Check your results.
  6. Get feedback.
  7. Repeat the process.

1.1 Define your niche.

What do you want to talk about? What do you want to share with others?

As clear as the questions, to give an example, if you are reading these lines it is because you want to know how to earn money with your blog, this is a topic of interest to you and if you look at the topic of my space, it is related to internet business, digital marketing, and SEO strategies, content and even NFTs.

Defining your main topic make your target to a sector of people with common interests and who find utility or pleasure in what you share them, you do not need to cover the entire market with the idea of ​​having many visits, you only need the audience to which interested in the topic you choose.

1.2 Get to know your customers.

You have already chosen your topic and you know the niche you are going to target, well done!

Now you need to identify the more specific interests of your visitors or readers, that is, continuing with the example:

Main topic: Internet business.
Specific interest: Make money with blogs (a topic that you are reading now)

More examples of specific interests:

-Begin an internet business
-Put your blog on the internet
-How to promote my blog
-Create a fan page for my blog
-Earn money with social networks
-Etcetera, etcetera…..

You can find this type of interest in forums or even in the same comments on other platforms that talk about the subject. The users themselves let you know what their needs and doubts are.

I hope you got the idea. This brings us to the next point.

1.3 Create content.

Create relevant content for your audience. In my experience you should prioritize the following:

  • Make it original

This is very important because it makes you different from the competition and your readers will thank you, you also make yourself known as someone authentic, and this makes them interested and you have more visits to your blog:

+ People interested in your blog = + Visits.

  • Theme permanence

Your content must have the particularity that if it is read days or months later, it continues to be of interest to your audience, to continue attracting new readers over time.

A note like today’s dollar price is only useful for this day but not for the following week. The date of the next concert of x artist, matters only until the day of the event, after….. I only regret not having attended. That last one was a bad joke 🙂

  • SEO Technique (Basic and simple)

Once you have selected the topic you are going to talk about, use within the content phrases that the search engine throws at you (such as Google). Make sure you use them consistently and don’t abuse them. Remember that who you are addressing is your audience. This is what gets your blog up for search engines to see.

The better content you have and the more original and constant you are in your publications, the better positions you will get in search engines. Otherwise, you will be completely invisible to them.

1.4 Define goals.

Defining clear, simple, and specific objectives will allow you to have an objective vision of how you are and where you want to go. This is necessary to know the impact your content has, whether or not like what you share and how you have to direct your efforts.

Remember, not by doing much you earn more, as one of my teachers used to say and, by the way, I don’t know who he took the phrase from:

Nothing grows if it is not measured, and if it is measured, it is a fact, grows.

Some examples of goals:

In the action

-Have a specific day to select the topics for the content of the week.
-Write 2 articles per week.

In the achievements

-Increase 20% of visits of (name of your site) in the month of X.
-Get 500 subscribers on (name of your site) during August, September, and October.

In these last ones. denotes quantity and period (short, medium, or long term).

As an initial suggestion, define between 2 or 3 objectives only (at least during the first month), if there are more, at the beginning it is easier not to fulfill them.

Very important. Your goals should be adjustable and achievable.

1.5 Review of the results.

You must do this during and at the end of the period in which you set out to achieve your goals.

During, to remove aspects that are not working or modify those that need to be reinforced. Of course, it is worth making adjustments during the process, so you have a greater chance of success with your goals.

In the end, so that you realize the progress you made from what you proposed and how much more you need to reach your goals and believe me, it is a fact that at this point you have already had growth. On the other hand, maybe you already reached them.

1.6 Get feedback.

At the end of each period that you have proposed, consult the results you obtained, observe the difference of how you were before your objectives compared to your current situation. This makes you aware of which actions have worked for you, which ones should be removed and which ones you can improve. If you realize, just by taking action you have made progress and these will generate benefits, in our case, give value to your blog.

Is important that you are aware of the response that your audience has, what they like, what comments they make, ask for the point of view of readers, they can even be your friends or family (although in many cases they can be your most implacable judge).

From the information you get, start generating content. This will make your audience look more interested since you are aware of what they are asking for.

1.7 Repeat the strategy.

As simple as this, start the steps of the strategy again (in the case of the first point, it only validates if the theme is being well-focused if so, go to the second point).

You can take goals that you had already set for yourself to continue increasing your growth or propose new ones and keep in action all you have already seen that works for you.

As a last tip, you must have a lot of perseverance for the strategy to work, since it is the most important part of your blog and the basis for you to implement the techniques that I share below. Without this, having a successful blog that generates money for you will be an impossible mission.


Earning money with a blog is not an easy task, the vast majority of bloggers do not succeed is because they expect results with little effort, offering little or no value and with a lot of tools.

The great advantage that you now have is that you already know a practical strategy that allows you to give great value to your blog.

I will gladly share these techniques with you so that you can start generating income with your blog, with the advantage that I have used all of them, with this, I know that you are saving a lot of time due to the learning curve, and let me say you something: Not win more who knows the most tools, win more who uses the necessary ones better.

Bruce Lee, an expert in Kung fu, a character I have admired since I was a child, said:

“I don´t fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
I fear the man who has practiced kicking 10,000 times.”

This is why we will focus on the following 3 techniques to make money with a blog:

1. Cost per Click

This monetization technique allows you to generate income in your account every time someone in your audience clicks on an ad on your blog. These platforms are known as CPC (Cost per Click).

Definitely in this sector, the mention is carried, Google Adsense. It is a platform supported by the number one search engine worldwide. Given its characteristics, it is above its competitors.


-The ads that are presented to the audience are consistent with the topic of the post or article or the general theme of the blog.

-It is the one with the greatest variety of themes.

-There are several sizes of ads that allow you to promote them in various parts of the blog, as well as responsive type ads (so that they adapt to the size of the device automatically), whether it is the desktop, tablet, or cell phone the user is on.

-It offers a very complete tracking platform.

-An article with an important topic for Google Adsense can give you a good pay per click.


-Your payment per click is often low, so it is important to be consistent in publishing articles to generate a greater number of visits.

-It is temperamental, it does not like to share space with companies that offer the same type of monetization, which makes it practically the only option in terms of CPC platform


-Do not click on your ads, this causes your account to be canceled. Google Adsense continuously checks the reference of the clicks to your ads and reserves the right to verify if they are valid or not according to its publication policies.

Here you can sign up for Google Adsense

2. Cost per Action

These companies are similar to CPC but with the difference that the payment is generated once the user has performed a specific action, such as: registering an email, making a purchase, or making a subscription.

This is why they are called CPA or cost per action.

In this case, you can use CPAGrip, this platform offers ads for several countries from which you can choose the ones that are carried with the theme of your blog.


-You can choose the ads specifically.
-Normally the pay per action is higher than in CPC.
-You find ads from several sponsors in one place.
-This platform offers ads to several countries.
-Its registration and acceptance are relatively easy.


-There are not always ads matching your theme.
-Ads don’t change automatically.
-The campaigns are valid.


Use the ads in specific articles or give them a place on the side of your blog if they go well with the general theme of your blog.

This platform helps you generate references and you can access more attractive platforms.

3. Sponsored Articles (my favorite)

This technique of monetizing your blog goes a long way with the strategy that I have shared with you previously since based on your content you can generate income through articles that are requested.

In this case, it is the turn of Coobis a content platform, which is oriented both for those who want to promote and for those who want to publish. In other words, someone pays to promote their brand, service, or product, and on the other hand, someone gets paid to write and publish in a space.


– They are according to your theme.
-They help to have better SEO on your blog, that is, search engines give more weight to your site for the amount of content you are publishing on it.
-They show you as an expert before your audience, after all, they have requested an article for a reason.
-Generates good income per post, and this increases when you have a better ranking and a greater number of visits.


-Not every day you have requests to write a post.
-The theme of your blog may not be by the demand for articles requested (so you do not have access to a greater number of requests).


-Keep publishing articles constantly.
-Be original.
-Deliver value content.

As you may have already realized, the strategy that I have shared with you goes hand in hand with the platforms that allow you to generate income.

Finally, I want to tell you that the techniques that I share here are just some that you can apply, however, there are many others that also work and that will give us more material to share later.


To generate passive income, you add value to your blog with quality original content, you use a CPC platform that generates advertising according to your blog, you complement it with a CPA option that you can put inside a specific article or place on your site to generate higher income.

To finish off and support the two previous ones, you can use them without any problem in a sponsored article that you have been requested (unless you have received publication conditions by the sponsor requesting the article).

Finally the short answer to the question: How to make money with a blog or website? is:

Begin with a defined approach, create content, add value to your blog, capture the attention of your audience, apply some monetization techniques and gradually start generating income.

Keep in mind that as in many areas of your life, the first thing you should do is start.

It seems absurd and it can even make you laugh, you will think that I am joking, but the reality is that many give up before taking the first step, and without getting into this subject much (because it has enough content to a separate post), I tell you that the fear of:

  • Do something different.
  • At risk.
  • To your own mental limitations.
  • What people say or think about you.

It does not allow a large number of people to take action. The difference you have today is that you already took that first step.

Now, get into action!

Do not forget to make your comments on the article, I will be very happy to know that it was useful to you.

Remember to support this space by commenting on how we can complement this topic or what else you want me to talk about.




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