The Secret to Make Money Writing. It’s true.

People earning money writing put it into practice

Since I started on Medium, I see how the topic of making money writing is one of the most popular. This is not for less, who is not interested in earning it, and honestly, we also like to spend it 🙂

Today I wanted to talk a little about it.

I have just a couple of months on Medium and I have met the work of several writers, many of whom are already generating profits for what they write.

Several of their articles talk about how to make money, I’ve read them, and believe me. I am learning a lot too.

This is where the secret to making money writing is:

Learn from those who are already getting results.

The advice is simple but most people don’t do it.

These writers don’t hesitate to share some of the secrets or techniques they use in their articles. Almost every day you find a new one talking about it.

In my case, all writers to that I have made comments, have answered me. So I keep learning from all of them and I keep reading them.

Some writers I follow and am learning a lot from: Tim Denning, Donnette Anglin, Victoria Kurichenko, Ben Le Fort, Kristina God, Keith Chen, Mike Lewis, ASAD EDUCATE, and Yousuf Rafi.

They are great people, committed to their goals and their audience. Thank you very much to all of them for sharing with us.

An apology if any of them are leaving these lines.

Have a nice day and keep reading.

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